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Pay Attention - Ride Safe - Have Fun

We take great pride in our maintenance program. Rides are gone over in our winter quarters in our off season. During the season the equipment is inspected by the state of Illinois Department of Labor at locations. The employee staff inspects each ride daily with their check sheet requirements. Safety for the riding guests and the staff is our number one concern. The following are guidelines for all to follow when riding any ride.

  • READ and follow all posted rules, height and age restrictions. 
  • EXPLAIN why children should not stand up, unlock or loosen restraints or exit a ride while it is in motion.
  • DON'T pressure friends and children into going on a ride if they are afraid.
  • LISTEN to the ride operator's instructions.
  • USE the safety equipment provided like seat belts, lap bars and shoulder harnesses.
  • KEEP hands, arms, legs, feet and head inside the ride at all times and hold onto the handles provided.
  • STAY seated until the ride comes to a full and complete stop.
  • LOOK for the ride or attraction's current permit to operate sticker issued by the Illinois Department of Labor.


Contact us for any information or assistance for your event.
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